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Rob Yedor, President

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Our President and point man; Rob Yedor, worked his way through college as a fire department paramedic. After graduation, he worked on a rescue squad in Phoenix then started training for the Arizona State Highway Patrol seeking his ultimate goal as a helicopter rescue specialist. Life took a strange turn when his father suffered a stroke and the family asked him to return to Chicago and help save the family business. Rob took the reins of his dads’ company at the age of 23 when it was a four-employee broker of P.O.P. (Point of Purchase) displays. Five years later, he decided to build his own factory in Rockford, IL. He started with a small shop with 12 employees. Thirteen years later he sold the company after it had grown to over 350,000 square feet and over 200 employees. When he sold the company, it was the nation’s largest supplier of retail checkout displays.

After selling the company and because of his many years’ experience running a factory that consumed massive amounts of power, his friend Marko Castillo convinced him to use that knowledge and partner together as an energy consulting firm. Marko, our managing partner, is a long-time trusted friend of Robs and has over 30 years of experience with successful business management & development.

Rob works directly with our clients because he has the expertise to see whether your company will benefit from independent sourcing or not. He will never recommend modifying your supply chain unless it benefits your company. There have been several occasions when he advised our clients to leave things alone. It could be the timing of the market or the fact that the local utility has cheaper rates than the independent suppliers in that part of the country. Either way, you’ll get an honest appraisal of what, if any savings are on the table.

We also have an outside support system that advises our company as it relates to the commodities market, weather forecasting and state by state legislative affairs.

We have over a 98% customer retention rate because we are extremely dedicated to our clients with proven results. Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.