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Which Independent Supplier is Best for You?

We are licensed brokers and contractual partners with the nations best independent suppliers of electricity and/or natural gas. The criteria we use in deciding which supplier is best for you is as follows:

Financial Strength – We only seek quotes from the nation’s most financially sound companies.

Reputation – Like any industry, there are some very shady businesses to avoid. We know who they are and never include them in our bids.

Customer Service – After power from your new supplier starts flowing, we want your billing questions and other concerns handled quickly and efficiently. The suppliers we work with all have toll free hotlines at your service.

Nationwide Coverage – We have several clients, especially in the food industry that have locations in multiple states. Under those circumstances, we try to match you up with a supplier that offer services in all deregulated areas. We do this so it becomes easier to bundle several locations and combine volume for lower prices.

Location – We can usually predict which company will win a bid based on where the client is located. All of these suppliers have certain parts of the country either regionally or by state that they will probably beat the competition. It could be because they own the local pipelines or generation stations where that in itself gives them a leg up on the rest of the field. Because we’ve done thousands of quotes across the country, we know which suppliers to include or not include on your energy bid.

Price – We list price last for a reason. While it will ultimately boil down to maximizing your savings, if all the other factors seen above don’t fall in place, your savings might disappear or not be worth the hassle.