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Our Services

While there is no cost to you for our services, we don’t get paid by the independent providers unless we can find savings for your business. We will never recommend that switch unless it benefits you. Here’s what we do as your energy broker;

Discovery – We look over your recent energy bills and find out where your site(s) are located and how much you're spending on electricity and/or natural gas.

Qualify – We look at each location to make sure independent sourcing is available there.

Go to Market – Once we know independent sourcing is available, we get competitive quotes from a number of qualified, reliable and financially sound suppliers . The most important part of outsourcing your power isn’t just price. We make sure each potential supplier includes all components at a fixed price that not only prevents surprise billing after the fact, but your rate won’t change during the life of the contract.

Summary – Once we’ve gathered our quotes and confirmed the details, we show you a projected savings model along with a variety of term options. Depending on market conditions, we’ll recommend either a short, medium or long-term contract. Obviously, if the market is at historically low rates or we see major increases on the horizon, we’ll suggest you lock in your cost for the longer term.

Execute - We have the winning bidder draft the contract and send it to us for review. We confirm the details and forward it to you for execution.

Follow Up - Our job isn't done after we've gone to contract. Quite the contrary. A strong broker will monitor the market during the life of your contract by keeping a finger to the pulse legislatively as well as sharp drops in the market. The vast majority of brokers in this business take the easy route of waiting until the last minute to let you know your contract is coming due and forcing you to accept market conditions in that particular time frame. We don’t work that way. Even if your contract isn’t coming due for several months and we see cheaper rates than what you’re paying now, we’ll get in touch with you to extend your term while the market is hot.

While we represent over 1000 restaurants, factories, landlords and other businesses around the country, we pride ourselves with “over the top” customer service and fast response communications. Even on weekends & holidays.